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Adesso NuScan 2400U Waterproof Handheld CCD Barcode Scanner

SKU: 530-06504    |    MODEL: NUSCAN2400U
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Impact Resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Superior CCD Sensor - Up to 200 Scans per second
  • 12" Scanning Range

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  • $97.50

Adesso NuScan 2500TB Bluetooth 2D CCD Barcode Scanner with Charging Cradle

SKU: 530-06508C    |    MODEL: NuScan 2500TB
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology - up to 30ft
  • 1D and 2D Scanning Engine - QR Code, MicroQR
  • Long Scanning Range
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Compliant
  • Support Windows and Android

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  • $156.95

Adesso NUSCAN 2700R 2D Handheld Wireless Barcode Scanner w Charging Cradle

SKU: 530-06511    |    MODEL: NUSCAN2700R
  • 2.4 GHz RF Wireless Technology - up to 150ft
  • 2D Svanning Engine
  • Spill Resistant
  • Charging Cradle with Built-In Receiver
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS

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Adesso NuScan 3500TB Bluetooth Mobile Waterproof Antimicrobial 2D Barcode Scanner

SKU: 530-06509    |    MODEL: NuScan3500TB
  • Bluetooth Wireless - up to 30 feet
  • Portable Pocket Size Design
  • 2D Barcodes: QR Code, PDF417
  • Supports Windows 7 and later, Bluetooth 4.0

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Adesso NuScan 4100B Bluetooth Antimicrobial Waterproof CCD Barcode Scanner

SKU: 530-06500A    |    MODEL: NuScan 4100B
  • Bluetooth wireless range up to 30ft
  • IP67 rated waterproof - can be submerged up to 30 min in 3ft depth
  • Impact resistant - survive accidental falls as high as 20ft
  • Antimicrobial material prevents growth of harmful bacteria
  • Capable of scanning up to 12" away under light level of 100,000 lux

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Adesso Omnidirectional 2D Dekstop Barcode Scanner - USB

SKU: 530-06512    |    MODEL: NUSCAN2800U
  • Picture Sensor: 640x480 CMOS
  • Scan Rate: 120 FPS
  • PDF417, MicroPDF417, MicroQR, Data Matrix, QR, Aztec

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