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General FAQ's
Do I have to pay Sales Tax? What is the tax rate? charges sales tax of 8.00% for all orders shipped within California. If you are a reseller in California, please contact at 949-546-0888 to become registered.
I would like to ship my order to a different address other than my billing address. Why do I have to register this shipping address with my credit card bank? is committed to protecting our customer from credit card fraud. can only ship orders to an address that can be verified by your credit card company or bank. If you require an order be shipped to an address different to that of the billing address, please contact your credit card company or bank and register your shipping address. Again, this is to protect you, our customers, in the case that someone has obtained your personal information.
What are differences between OEM/Bulk and Retail products?
  • OEM/bulk and Retail products usually have the same exact product. They come from the same manufacturers.
  • Retail Products usually come pre-packaged directly from the manufacturer and are usually accommodated with accessories and software. Please check manufacturer's website to see package contents.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), White Box and Brown Box packages come packaged with brand new products assembled by Please check our website to see package contents.
What is Drive Only/Bare Drives?
Drive Only/Bare Drives are brand new products and are shipped out without any accessories such as drivers, cables, manuals, etc.
What is ATX12V V2.0?
The motherboard power connector has changed from 20-pin to 24-pin to better handle loads on the PCI Express bus. The SATA connection is official. The 6-pin Aux Power connector has been dropped. Circuitry has been upgraded to dual +12V outputs to maintain greater stability to the CPU and peripherals. In addition, overall +12V output has been increased to compensate for PCI Express expansion cards. A minimum efficiency of 60% under light load is now required. This is a significant improvement.
What do you mean "Must be purchased with hardware"?
Due to our licensing agreement with software vendors, software items marked with this description must be purchased with additional hardware. Any non-peripheral items from Allstarshop will be sufficient.
Do you provide reseller or volume discounts?
At this time, we do not offer reseller or volume discounts. We do our very best to offer the most competitive and most current pricing available.
Do you match prices with competitors?
Unfortunately we do not match prices with our competitors. We do our very best to offer the most competitive and most current pricing available.
Do you provide technical assistance?
For technical assistance with your product, please contact the original manufacturer. does not provide any technical assistance at this time.
Do you ship internationally?
At this time, does not ship internationally. can only ship packages within the continental United States.
Do you accept international credit cards?
Unfortunately, does not accept international credit card payments.
Do you accept C.O.D.?
Unfortunately, does not accept C.O.D.
Do you ship to APO, FPO or U.S. Territories? does not ship products to APO, FPO or U.S. Territories. can only ship packages within the continental United States.

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